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Enjoy the most popular card game ever - Klondike Solitaire (or Solitaire in short).
This Solitaire version is especially optimised for every screen and the entire range of Android enabled devices: from tiny smartphones to the biggest tablets. We tried to created an ideal Solitaire game for the touch screens and the gameplay is really easy and natural for your fingers.
Make your own Solitaire game unique and exclusive, express yourself! You can change the game's appearance to suit your own taste, choose the card sets and background, or even adorn the card back with your dog's photo. Klondike Solitaire has many various options and modes even including different card set sizes for all screens and eyes.
It also possible to play Vegas version of this classic Solitaire, a real challenge even for experienced players!
You will love how easily and intuitively the Solitaire stacks are dragged and the game itself drops only suitable cards and returns others back to the deck. Just relax and enjoy the game and don't worry about control, Klondike Solitaire will handle it!
Play Klondike Solitaire today and have fun! Sign in to Google Play Game Services, compete and share results with your Google+ community, set new high scores!
If you got stuck on some preset, there is a great chance that we can show you step by step solution. (Internet connection is required)
We have created a product of brilliant quality for you and we appreciate your comments and suggestions, which is why Solitaire becomes better with every new release.
Visit our Facebook page in order to communicate with us, your friends, and other users, and share your opinion. If you have any questions, e-mail our support team.


What's New

- Improved menu behaviour
- Better portrait/landscape rotation support
- Compatibility with new devices
- Bugfixes



Update: 2018-01-18

Version: 4.6.767

Requires: Android4.0 or later



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User Review

Hope you like the default card graphics, cause that's all you're gonna get.
Played this on my phone for years but the latest upgrade kills my phone every time i open it - uninstalled
The latest update ruined this app. DO NOT do the update!!!!!!!
Best version of solitaire I have tried. Really used to be great until they switched to full screen ads. Lots of bugs came with that. Annoying that the ads are not silent when the game is set to be silent. Months later same bugs same issues. Loud ads can be embarrassing in public scenarios
I will never update this software again. It selects a different Google account so you are forced to buy again or you are forced to view crappy ads. I have 13 other purchased programs that update with out any issues.
Was my favorite solitaire game until the ads killed it. When an ad pops up I can't get back to the game. I'm using the latest version as of September 5th 2017 on a Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.

User Review

    Played this on my phone for years but the latest upgrade kills my phone every time i open it - uninstalled


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